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  • Giorgio Armani Sunglasses Are Forever

    21 Jul 2021

    Giorgio Armani is approaching his 85th birthday. His 2019 collections are marked with impeccable fabrics, smooth silhouettes, and very modern glasses.

    New is remade old. In Giorgio Armani case, it was very re-made and updated to create a new look that is something between slickly elegant and cool. Giorgio Armani clientele goes way beyond men and women in their 60s. He is constantly surrounded by young people and every year works towards making his clothing and accessories desirable by young group.

    Men market remains a focus. 40-50% of all runway models are men. Even when there are more women, men models are central and meant to be more noticed. Men suits, shoes, bags and eyeglasses will always make it to fashion magazines and blog posts.

    Giorgio Armani label is devoted to elegant wear. It's always reserved, simple and wearable. No one will ever make a joke of you wearing Giorgio Armani. If you are into high fashion, Emporio Armani, Armani Prive will figurate that role. Giorgio Armani is a very serious line.

    AR6082 Armani sunglasses

    Giorgio Armani AR6082

    Sunglasses perhaps are the only facet of the collection where prominent designer took a slide off to have some fun. Giorgio Armani sunglasses are the best representation of fashion eyewear. A bit daring, very wearable and timeless, Giorgio Armani sunglasses are for people with style!

  • Versace Sunglasses Will Always Be Special

    24 Aug 2018

    Versace sunglasses 2018Versace sunglasses will always be special for many reasons. Did you know that Versace was one of the first fashion brands to sell sunglasses as part of accessories? It's hard to imagine, but some 30 years ago not too many brands were making sunglasses. It's a completely different product line that fashion companies were not good at as it requires special equipment, material, and highly skilled workers. Designing sunglasses is more of industrial engineering work, unlike dresses and shoes. Gianni Versace, the brand founder, had a special vision to enlarge the product line for Versace beyond clothing. He added interior products such as furniture, drapes, and tableware. He decided that sunglasses would be an essential accessory as he wore them all the time.

    Versace VE4351BA

    Women's Versace sunglasses Versace VE4351BA

    Versace VE2197

    Men's Versace sunglasses VE2197

    The first release of Versace sunglasses was a big leap towards fashion eyewear. When sunglasses were primarily small with basic temples, Versace made them more of what they are today - thick frames, thick temples, large gold medusa logos and detailed gold trimming. Celebrities loved it. American rapper The Notorious B.I.G wore them in his One More Chance video which gave Versace instant level of popularity. The first release of sunglasses in some 1993 had a brand name, Gianni Versace. Only later Gianni part was dropped, perhaps due to his murder in 1997. The Notorious B.I.G was also shot that same year.

    Versace VE2196B

    Women's Versace sunglasses VE2196B

    Versace VE2175

    Men's Versace sunglasses VE2175

    Donatella Versace took over the brand 20 years ago and managed to keep the style original, pivoting only slightly with the rapidly changing trends. She made the sexy appeal a key element of the style. Versace sunglasses haven't evolved much in all this time and today remain among the most wanted by glasses collectors. They are made in smaller editions than many other brands and sell out quickly.

    When you wear Versace sunglasses, you can be sure to look sexy, famous and rich.

  • Koali Eyeglasses Offer New Artsy Look

    23 Aug 2017

    Koali eyeglasses, made in France by an eyewear manufacturer Morel-France, a style visionary and innovator. Eyeglasses nowadays are treated as a major accessory and even more so, an image defining item. What you wear is who you are. Before you even start talking, people get a solid impression of your personality by just looking at your glasses. Koali glasses are designed and made with one goal in mind - to help frame and enhace your personality.

    Koali glasses are distinguished by well matched color palletes. Greens go well with brown and lime. Blues with black and turquoise. Whites with greys and black. By combining several colors in one pair of glasses Koali gives you a whole spectrum to play with in the morning when choosing your clothing and jewlerry. Glasses do not need to match, but it is such a joy when they do.

    Buy online Koaki 8292KKoali 8292K

    Koali glasses are often bought by ladies with good taste of clothing, people of creative professions. There can be an architect, a visual designer or an artist. The most amazing factor of Koali glasses designs is that styles are not too out there, if you know what I mean. Glasses still look nice and relatively low profile, but are designed with a strong sense of style and beauty.

    Koali 8290KKoali 8290K

    Glasses by Koali come in larger sizes that are very comfortable for progressive lenses and transitions options. Deep lenses height ensures enough space for a full lens spectrum for distance, computer and reading purposes.

    Koali 8302KKoali 8302K

  • Tom Ford – Genius of Many Art Forms

    21 Jan 2017


    Tom Ford designerWhen people hear name Tom Ford today they immediately associate with different forms of art. Some with fashion, which is his main business trade. Others with film and lately some even with music.

    Tom Ford Janina sunglasses

    Tom Ford TF0435 sunglasses



    Many people don’t realize that the main talent of Tom Ford is business. Sure he has a good education from Parsons School of Design and highly successful fashion brand. But it’s his business qualities that got him this far. When Tom Ford was hired as a chief designer of Gucci back in 1990, Gucci brand was in despair. Previous Gucci designers failed to react to fast moving globalization of fashion business and emergence of new brands such as Roberto Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana and many other luxury brands. Gucci brand was losing interest among their clients and was getting diluted by success of other younger brands run by young ambitious designers. After seeing Tom Ford work and energy as a design assistant company, company chief designer Cathy Hardwick promoted Tom to chief designer of womenswear. But to get the assistant job Tom was calling Hardwick for a month without any success. Finally Hardwick picked up a phone because her stuff was getting very annoyed by his calls. She offered him a meeting and he arrived in a few minutes. He was calling from the lobby! This is just one example of how persistent and self believing is Tom Ford. He has proven the world many times that his strong belief can become a reality.

  • Izumi Glasses Are Created With Future in Mind

    20 Oct 2016

    For those loving for pretty, colourful and fun glasses take a look at Izumi collection. Izumi has won hearts and minds of many Canadians because the brand offers an alternative. It’s not trendy or fashionable. It is stylish and chic with many variations of color and shape.

    Izumi glasses are inspired by Japanese style. Many people who have visited Japan will confess that Japanese are the most fashionable people in the world. Their courage to fun styles, clothing layering and quality makes them stand apart in the crowds of tourists in any country. And Japanese people always have the coolest eyeglasses. In fact, they were the first promoting round Harry Potter glasses style years  before it hit Europe and America. Izumi glasses are not made, nor designed in Japan. They are inspired by Japanese style and attitude to fashion.

  • KliiK Glasses An Alternative For Petite Faces

    30 Sep 2016

    KliiK glasses onlineKliiK Denmark is a Canadian brand that was created in response to huge demand for beautiful eyewear for petite people. Most of fashion brands are creating eyewear to adhere to a standard head and shape size, leaving out petite people of choices. KliiK today is number one brand in Canada for men and women with petite faces.

    Fashionable eyeglasses from KliiK are made in variety of styles to satisfy customers of many personal styles and preference. Many KliiK glasses are in brown, beige and grey tones to maintain neutrality and style flexibility of every day pair of glasses.

    KliiK 538

    KliiK eyeglasses styles evolve every year following the developing fashion trends of eyewear. Lately, in woman styles, cat eye and cat eye inspired lines became increasingly popular. KliiK eyewear took the trend making it their own with skilful elegance and craftsmanship.





  • Armani Eyewear is for a Lifetime

    29 Jul 2016

    Giorgio Armani sittingGiorgio Armani has turned 82 on July 11. And we congratulate him with all our heart. He has created a fashion empire that stands above most of other fashion companies. First of all, his company is still in his private hands. At 82 Giorgio is a main creative director, designer and by most part CEO of the company. Also, his brands despite being among best selling in the world, rarely take part in fashion shows. Giorgio Armani believes and says “The difference between style and fashion is quality”

    Quality really shows in Armani glasses collections. Armani has two main eyewear collections Giorgio Armani and Emporio Armani. Giorgio Armani glasses collection is more fashion oriented, designed with more style in mind. Emporio Armani glasses collection is more for everyday wear with many design elements of comfort and casual wear.

  • ETNIA Eyeglasses Make Even The Wildest Colors Look Elegant

    28 Aug 2015

    After having a few pairs of black eyeglasses and then a few pairs of brown, any one would consider getting a pair of eyeglasses with some color. If your style typically does not include much color you will have a hard time looking for a pair of eyeglasses that look elegant. Your problem will be easily solved with ETNIA eyeglasses!

    Etnia is a Spanish eyeglasses company. Inspired by Barcelona excentric architecture, Etnia eyeglasses combine bright colors that are put into extremely well organized designs.

    For many years Etnia was meant for artistic people with the good taste.

    Etnia eyewear grew to become a real designer brand worn by many celebrities. Rachel McAdams, Kate Blachet, Beyonce to name a few wear Etnia sunglasses everywhere. Etnia eyeglasses are extremely relevant in modern trend of color and well estalished personal style. In the past few years color became a huge trend in eyewear with all famous brands such as Chanel or Prada trying bright colors on their models. Etnia was already there to take world by storm.

    What makes them look good on everyone is the thin elegant frames. Thin frames by definition look elegant and stylish. You can put a pattern, color combination and any shape - thin frames can handle it.

  • Prodesign Universal Style

    31 Mar 2015

    Prodesign Denmark has been bringing joy to the fashion eyewear lovers for generations. When fashion designers are creating elaborate styles with extreme cat eye silhouettes and studs, Prodesign designers are concentrating on creating everlasting styles. In the meanwhile Prodesign manufacturing folks are concentrating on making eyeglasses that are usable, long lasting and comfortable. This focus has proven that it works for people who are looking for value.

    No, it wouldn't be fair to say that Prodeisign glasses are cheap. In fact they cost more on the higher end - $300 and up a pair. But this is a relatively low price for arguably best eyeglasses in the world today. Designed and made in Denmark, they also have a great European flavour. Europeans love details. A small contrasting line across the frame, rubber temple end or just perfectly straight groove - it all matters to complete a true European style. Yet simple and clean looking, these glasses are timeless.

    Prodesign industrial designers work tirelessly to create award winning mechanism for clipping temples to the frame. Screwless design is simple, is functionable and it's genius! Not only your temples will never need another screw, they will not feel loose and they will not fall apart. Prodesign glasses have several! of those mechanisms. 

    Of course it wouldn't be a fashion eyewear if not for followed trend. People want round, Prodesign has over 20 styles of round glasses in 5-7 color each! People want large, here you go, get large in square, rectangular or oval shape. Color is now a playing card for many glasses designers. Prodesign uses color with class. Even a conservative men will look appropriate in crimson Prodesign glasses. Color is so well combined with material and style that no one will think you look weird. If you like fuchsia, go for it in Prodesign.