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Versace Sunglasses Will Always Be Special

24 August 2018

Versace sunglasses 2018Versace sunglasses will always be special for many reasons. Did you know that Versace was one of the first fashion brands to sell sunglasses as part of accessories? It's hard to imagine, but some 30 years ago not too many brands were making sunglasses. It's a completely different product line that fashion companies were not good at as it requires special equipment, material, and highly skilled workers. Designing sunglasses is more of industrial engineering work, unlike dresses and shoes. Gianni Versace, the brand founder, had a special vision to enlarge the product line for Versace beyond clothing. He added interior products such as furniture, drapes, and tableware. He decided that sunglasses would be an essential accessory as he wore them all the time.

Versace VE4351BA

Women's Versace sunglasses Versace VE4351BA

Versace VE2197

Men's Versace sunglasses VE2197

The first release of Versace sunglasses was a big leap towards fashion eyewear. When sunglasses were primarily small with basic temples, Versace made them more of what they are today - thick frames, thick temples, large gold medusa logos and detailed gold trimming. Celebrities loved it. American rapper The Notorious B.I.G wore them in his One More Chance video which gave Versace instant level of popularity. The first release of sunglasses in some 1993 had a brand name, Gianni Versace. Only later Gianni part was dropped, perhaps due to his murder in 1997. The Notorious B.I.G was also shot that same year.

Versace VE2196B

Women's Versace sunglasses VE2196B

Versace VE2175

Men's Versace sunglasses VE2175

Donatella Versace took over the brand 20 years ago and managed to keep the style original, pivoting only slightly with the rapidly changing trends. She made the sexy appeal a key element of the style. Versace sunglasses haven't evolved much in all this time and today remain among the most wanted by glasses collectors. They are made in smaller editions than many other brands and sell out quickly.

When you wear Versace sunglasses, you can be sure to look sexy, famous and rich.